20th ISC Corporate Challenge Presented by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Up to 165 companies from central Indiana are expected to vie for titles in the 2016 Corporate Challenge sponsored by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Preliminary events will be conducted on September 10 and for the third year, the main event will be at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this year on September 17.

The ISC Corporate Challenge is a fun-filled community event that emphasizes healthy lifestyles, friendly competition and company camaraderie.

The competition offers something for each member of the company: distance runs, sprints, a fitness walk, tug-of-war, and field activities (called “
Good Sport Events”) such as basketball shootout, football accuracy throw, golf chipping challenge and soccer shootout, to name a few.

Each participating company is placed in one of four divisions based on its company size (total number of employees in Indiana). Each company also competes in one of 10 Industry Challenges and “Compassion Events” by providing donations for several great causes, including the Indiana Sports Corp Susan Williams CHAMPS Grant Program and Geared For Health: Sports Equipment for Kids, as well as the Indiana Blood Center.

In 2015, nearly 8,000 competitors representing 160 companies participated in everything from volleyball to bowling and running to parellel parking. This year, dodgeball will debut as a new Corporate Challenge event.

2016 Event Information
Schedule of Events | 2016 Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ 2016 Rules and Standards | Volleyball Rules | Dodgeball Rules 

2016 ISC Corporate Challenge FINAL RESULTS 
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Opening Weekend RESULTS

Cycling Time Trials Results 

Volleyball - D1 | Volleyball - D2 | Volleyball - D3 | Volleyball - D4 

Cornhole - D1 | Cornhole - D2 | Cornhole - D3 | Cornhole - D4 

Bowling - D1 | Bowling - D2 | Bowling - D3 | Bowling - D4 

Main Event Final Brackets
Dodgeball- D1 Dodgeball- D2 Dodgeball- D3 Dodgeball- D4

Golden Hanger T-Shirt Contest
Golden Hanger T-shirt Contest Information 


Past Results 

2015 Results
Overall Alphabetically | By Industry | By Division 

Division 4 volleyball and Division 3 cornhole were canceled because of weather conditions. 

Opening Weekend Results
Bowling: Alphabetically | By Division
Volleyball:Division 1 | Division 2 | Division 3
CornholeDivision 1 | Division 2 | Division 4

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2014 Results
Overall | By Industry Division 1 | Division 2 | Division 3 | Division 4
Competitive Events Results from September 27 Main Event at IMS
Press Release 
Sortable Results by Team and/or Division

Opening Weekend Total Results
Cycling Time Trial - Individual Results (Tuxbro.com)

Bowling Results - By Division Finish Alpha Order
Cornhole Results - Div 1 | Div 2 | Div 3 | Div 4
Sand Volleyball Results - Div 1 | Div 2 | Div 3 | Div 4

Community and Compassion Events 

2013 Results
Division 1 | Division 2 | Division 3 | Division 4 | Overall | By Industry

Recognition of the champs and impact of the 2013 ISC Corporate Challenge.

Individual event and timing results can be found on Tuxbro.com.

Cycling Results
Complete Individual Results
Division 1: Team Individual | Division 2: Team | Individual | Division 3: Team | Individual | Division 4: Team Individual


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