Youth Programs

In 2016, Indiana Sports Corp impacted 126,000 Indiana youth through a number of programs and initiatives, including the Indiana Sports Corp Susan Williams CHAMPS Grant Program, Geared for Health: Sports Equipment for Kids, Inspiring Sports Ticket Program, Big Ten Basketball Middle School Curriculum and Marathon in 51 Days, and others. Indiana Sports Corp events often include youth clinics and opportunities in fitness and education.

Geared For Health: Sports Equipment for Kids
Geared For Health collects new and gently-used equipment and distributes it to youth organizations and sports clubs.
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Susan Williams CHAMPS Grant Program
Indiana Sports Corp has allocated over $2 million in CHAMPS Grants to 230 youth-serving organizations since the program’s inception in 1988.
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2017 Big Ten Football Championship Game Youth Programs
Youth programs for Big Ten Football include the Traveling Banner Program, Football Fundamentals Clinics, Big Ten Inspiring Sports Fan Fest Friday, and the ISC Skiills Challenge. 
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Indiana Sports Corp Inspiring Sports Ticket Program
ISC provides tickets to many of its events to youth-serving organizations.
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Indiana Sports Corp: Exchange
As part of Indiana Sports Corp's strategic plan, as a not-for-profit company and the country's leading sports commissioner, have worked with several partners to create The Indiana Sports Corp Exchange. 
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2017 Events 

2017 NCAA DI Men’s & Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships

This will include swimming clinics for two groups of youth ages 7-14 at the IU Natatorium.  Both groups will learn to swim, and the event will introduce young people to collegiate athletics.  We project 60 total students will participate in these two clinics.  We will also partner with the Indy Parks Department to host free lifeguard training.  We project 30 youth (ages 15 and older) will become lifeguard certified and automatically earn an opportunity to interview for a summer job.

2017 NCAA Fencing Championships
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2017 NCAA Water Polo Championship 
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