Hosting world-class sporting events since 1979

Our History

For more than 40 years Indiana Sports Corp has been a leading civic organization advancing our community through sports. Indiana Sports Corp has played host to more than 450 national and international sporting events. These sporting events have led to over $4 billion in direct spending in our community over that time period. The Indiana Sports Corp helped elevate the city of Indianapolis from India-a-no-place to the “City Where Champions are Crowned.” Indiana Sports Corp has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of our citizens, especially our most precious citizens, our children. The Indiana Sports Corp has been and will continue to be a bedrock civic organization upon which the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana can continue to grow and flourish.

Our Partners

Partnerships keep Indiana Sports Corp strong. With the insight and expertise of key local organizations, we continue to develop Indianapolis as the premiere destination for sports and business.

Event History

Indiana Sports Corp has an unmatched history of successfully staging sporting events.

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Hosting world-class sporting events since 1979.