Junior Journalism Program

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Junior Journalism is a program for boys and girls 5th through 8th grade. The Big Ten Football Championship Local Organizing Committee selected 12 students to participate. Each student was paired with a Big Ten University. Students were required to write an article featuring the assigned University's football team, which included conducting research, interviews and any necessary work to complete the article below. 

University of Illinois

Alexus Watson

The Illinois football team finished the 2019 football season with a 6-6 record. Illinois plays in the Big Ten conference. Four of the wins came against Big Ten teams.  They finished in 4th place in the Big Ten – West division. Their best win this year was against Wisconsin who was ranked number 6 in the country. Since Illinois won 6 games, they are able to go to a bowl game. Read More

Indiana University

Bowen Conway

Cookies and milk. Peanut butter and jelly. Ketchup and mustard. What do all of these things have in common with the Indiana Hoosiers football team? Chemistry. The 2019-2020 Indiana Hoosiers football team has had an amazing season, and they owe it all to their team chemistry. As of November 24, they are fourth in the Big Ten East and were previously ranked 24th in the nation, according to the Associated Press.  The Hoosiers have a seven and four record, which means IU will be heading into a bowl game and will be looking to win their first bowl game since they won the Copper Bowl in 1991. Read More

University of Maryland

Toby Cork

When you think about Big 10 football, you probably think about historic rivalries. The Big 10 has some of the oldest and best rivalries in college football. Wisconsin and Minnesota have been competing since 1890 for Paul Bunyan’s Axe. Indiana and Purdue have met since 1891 with their battle for the Old Oaken Bucket.  And, of course, everyone knows about the rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State. Read More

University of Michigan

Eli Trent

Nico Collins grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Nico started playing football at age 6 with his father. In middle school Nico played running back, quarterback, and tight end. He went to Clay-Chalkville High School where he became a wide receiver. His most memorable game was during the playoff semi-final game where he caught three touchdowns leading his team to the State Championship. Nico and his team would go on to win the 2014 6A Alabama State Championship. Read More

Michigan State University

Ryder Thomasson

The Michigan State Football team can play to win on the football field. In their history they have had 6 National Championships and 9 Big Ten Championships. The current coach, Mark Dantonio, broke the record this year and became the winningest coach in Michigan State football history. The football team has over 100 players on the team this year, but other than their skills on the football field, what do you know about them? Read More

University of Minnesota

Grant Yount

Life comes with many challenges, but for an athlete, an injury can be one of the hardest challenges to face. After working many years towards achieving your athletic goals an injury can be devastating, causing a major setback in your season, or sometimes even ending your career completely. Rodney Smith, The University of Minnesota’s running back, has had to deal with many different physical injuries during his career. Although he is one of the greatest running backs in the University of Minnesota’s history, rushing for 4053 yards in 51 games and has scored a total of 31 touchdowns, it hasn’t been easy. In an interview with Rodney we discussed his injuries, how it impacted his daily life, and who helped him overcome this challenging time. Read More

University of Nebraska

Landry Priser

Many young men all around the United States dream of one day playing college football. This comes as no surprise as college football is one of America’s most watched sports. These kids from all over the nation have their own teams they cheer for, and the team they eventually want to play for. For most people it will be a team close to them, but for others it might be the team their parents like, they could even know someone on that team so that's why they cheer for them. Read More

Northwestern University 

Lauren Vivo

Jared Thomas thought he’d be known as a high school basketball player. However, things don’t always turn out the way we expect. Jared remembers his Indianapolis childhood as one focused on academics and family values. He remembers being taught the Golden Rule and being taught to “be a good person and truly value relationships with other people … (which will) get you a long way in life.” The people who taught him those values were his family members. Read More

Ohio State University

Elizabeth Halvorson

The Big Ten has recently been hit with a whirlpool of young talented players. Many high schools around the country are preparing their players well, that many of the colleges in The Big Ten are getting so many offers from athletes from even out of the country. There are two main young players I think are doing the best so far. Read More

Purdue University 

Varad Tanksale 

Purdue’s football team consists of 33 starting players wearing black and gold, all trying to achieve their dream. Whether this goal is being the best Line-Backer in the NFL, or just being the best player for Purdue, they all are working towards their own dream. Some of them have achieved it and changed Purdue history, or even the NFL. Read More

University of Wisconsin

Eli Penquite

The 2019 University of Wisconsin’s football team is having a very successful season due, in part, to the play of the defense. Their defense is supported by the leadership, experience, and love for the game of their senior linebackers Zack Baun and Chris Orr. Read More

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