Indiana Sports Corp Corporate Challenge - Team Captains

Team Captains are a vital part of Indiana Sports Corp Corporate Challenge and we want to make sure you have everything you need to lead your company to victory! On this page, you'll find key dates, information and links to documents designed to help you throughout Corporate Challenge.

Event Dates:

Thursday, July 20

- Cycling Time Trial Event (ALL DIVISIONS) – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Friday, July 21
- Main Event – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Schedule of Events

Saturday, July 22
- Main Event – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Schedule of Events

Rules & Scoring Information:

    Team Recruitment:


    • Each team receives one complimentary team captain parking pass when they pick-up their bibs. This allows access to park right next to the Good Sport Field. Team Captains who have this pass must present it in the dashboard of their car, or they will not be admitted into the facility on Main Event day.
    • This pass will allow entrance via Gate 2 off of 16th street, and following the signage and safety patrol team to the correct parking location.
      • Please note- if you arrive after the 10K starts at 8:00AM- you will still be admitted to park inside the venue, but a different parking lot due to the 10K route.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

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