Dakich Cycles for the City


Donate today and join Dan & Leigh Dakich in supporting Dakich Cycles for the City – a program that distributes bikes to Indianapolis kids in need.

All donations go towards the purchase of new bicycles, helmets, and bike locks. Dan and Leigh Dakich will work with Indiana Sports Corp throughout the summer and fall to distribute the bikes to youth throughout Indy. Indiana Sports Corp is partnering with Dick’s Sporting Goods locally to purchase the bikes at a discounted rate.

“We have a passion for providing bikes to any kids in the Indianapolis area who may not be able to afford to buy their own.  Every kid needs a bike!  Seeing the recipients of these bikes for the past couple of years has only inspired us to give more.  The smiles, hugs and high fives have been so rewarding that we feel others would want to help as well.” – Leigh Dakich  

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