Tech Initiatives

Indiana Sports Corp is focused on the future of sport and its technology

Sports Tech HQ

Sports Tech HQ is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a strong sports tech ecosystem in Indiana. Sports Tech HQ strives to create opportunities for sports tech entrepreneurs by investing in innovation and cultivating a community of creators. The organization fosters cross-industry collaboration and supports companies through every stage of their development. Sports Tech HQ is committed to shaping the next generation of industry innovation, while strengthening Indiana’s reputation as a global destination. For more information, visit


The Techstars Sports Accelerator has a key focus on innovation with goals to foster early identification of key trends for future technology in sport; meaningful engagement with early-stage sports tech companies; embrace technologies and business models that will impact the sports industry; and enhance a culture of internal innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

For more information on Techstars, visit their website.


Indiana Sports Corp has become a leader in the Esports space and recently hosted the entirety of the fifth anniversary season of the NBA 2K League - the first time the league was hosted in its entirety in one location.