2022 Football Junior Journalism Program

Junior Journalism is a program for girls and boys 5th through 8th grade. Indiana Sports Corp selected 15 students to participate. 14 students were paired with one Big Ten University and one was paired with the Big Ten Conference Office. Students were required to write an article featuring the assigned University's football team, which included conducting research, interviews and any necessary work to complete the article below.

Big Ten Conference Office

Junior Journalist: Hank Myers, Cascade Middle School
Have you been wondering about the big ten expanding lately, well then read on in this article. I will be covering some stats about the two teams, an interview with a big ten coach and some basic information. Read more


Junior Journalist: Eli Rodibaugh, Childs Elementary

The Illinois football team is enjoying one of their best seasons since the 2008 Rose Bowl year. The Illini have their first winning season in over a decade, and are led by a bone- crushing defense and a talented offense. But who are the emotional leaders on this football team? The ones that have overcome challenges to be looked up to? The ones that keep the wrecking ball of Illinois destroying every opponent in its path? The answer: Team captain linebacker Tarique Barnes and difference maker wide receiver Isaiah Williams. Both have shredded challenges to become key players in Illinois’ run. They’ve had to adjust, develop, and work tirelessly to get to this point. And now they’re ready for more. Read more


Junior Journalist: Chase Alley, St. Malachy

The Junior from Lanchester, Texas is no stranger to big moments. Cam Camper has had an impactful first season with the Hoosiers. This season Cam has caught 2 touchdowns, 569 receiving yards, and has had 49 receptions this season. I chose Cam because he stuck out to me the first time I saw him step out onto the field and I love how passionate he is for the game. I love how he hustles and tries his best every game. Read more


Junior Journalist: Luke McGrath, Fall Creek Intermediate School

Picture this: you are at a University of Iowa versus Iowa State game. Your dad looks at you and points down to the Hawkeye's bench, “you are going to be a Hawkeye one day.” Read more


Junior Journalist: MacKenzie Reath, Parke Heritage Middle School

Kickers are not ordinary football players; they don’t throw game winning touchdowns, or tackle other players. They are the players that must come through in the clutch when it matters the most. However, they also receive criticism if they miss just one kick, but that kick could mean all the difference. In my opinion, kickers are one of the most important players in football because they have the chance to score many points. Read more


Junior Journalist: Emma Eckerle, IPS CFI 84

By now you probably have heard of the first female coach in the Big 10 Conference. Milan Bolden-Morris is now a quarterback coach for the Michigan Wolverines, though she goes by Coach Mimi. Coach Mimi said, “It is a blessing and honor to be an inspiration to other little girls to do whatever they want to.” She believes that anyone should be able to follow their dreams. Read more

Michigan State 

Junior Journalist: Cora Saalfrank, Eastwood Middle School

Bryce Baringer is a 23 year old college football player. Baringer plays at Michigan State University as a punter. He could easily be one of the best punters in the U.S., and he is making his way there. He also holds many records at MSU one being No. 1 on MSU career punt average. Baringer puts a lot of effort into football while also working on his masters at MSU. Read more


Junior Journalist: Carson Downey, North Decatur Elementary School 

Sam Pickerign is inspiring to me because he has yet to play a down in college football, but he still puts in the work. To me football is the sport where you must put in the hardest work that you will ever put in and have the most determination every day. Football is my favorite sport because of some of the backstories of how people got there. Sam is one of those people with an incredible backstory. Read more


Junior Journalist: Sawyer Hargrove, Clay Middle School

This year in Lincoln, Nebraska has been one for the books. At the beginning of the season, the Cornhuskers had Scott Frost as the coach leading the charge. After a tough loss against Georgia Southern (45-42), Nebraska made the tough decision to let Frost go. After the release of Frost, Mickey Joseph, Associate Coach, took over as interim coach. Joseph played college football for none other than Nebraska between 1988-1991. He was a dual-purpose player. He personally rushed for 1,091 yards and scored 16 touchdowns, while also passing for 909 yards and 14 touchdowns. He acknowledged the personal signiicance of his appointment, saying, “As a former player, this is a special opportunity for me. The most enjoyable thing has been the kids and the coaches and the joy of coming back to Lincoln and coming back to the University of Nebraska and having this opportunity to lead this program. I wouldn't trade these memories for anything right now." Read more


Junior Journalist: Adriana Benitez, Amy Beverland Elementary School

Northwestern Wildcats football team has a lot of potential for the future. Likely because many believe it’s due to the young new talent on the team. Brendan Sullivan, quarterback, and Anthony Tyus III, running back, are amazing examples of this young have promising football records.Read more

Ohio State

Junior Journalist: Magnus Beck, Clay Middle School

You may know Indiana as a basketball state, but lately it has been producing some great Ohio State football players. More specifically, the city of Indianapolis has been especially productive. For example, current Buckeyes like Dawand Jones (Ben Davis High School), Caden Curry (Center Grove High School) and Josh Fryar (Beech Grove High School) followed the path of former players such as Pete Werner and Terry McLaurin (both from Cathedral High School). I recently interviewed Jones and Curry to find out what brought them to Columbus. Read more


Junior Journalist: Lillian Kneberg, Eastern Hancock Middle School 

If you have not already heard about the Boilermakers, it’s the football team for Purdue. (The Purdue Boilermakers are famous for their record of success, feared by adversaries, they are a force majeure to be reckoned with on the field.) Why are they called the Boilermakers? In 1891 the Purdue’s football team made a star win that was casted for the news. Putting the Wabash College near Crawfordsville, Indiana to a 44-0. Passing up its rivals with huge leaps.  Read more


Junior Journalist: Keegan Lewis, Henryville Elementary School

Coach Schiano is no stranger to the football world in New Jersey. Greg Schiano was born and raised in Wyckoff, New Jersey. When initially researching Rutgers Football, I thought I would focus my story on the successes Coach Schiano had while he was the head coach previously in the years 2001-2011 and how those years influenced the decision for the University to want him to return to the program. Read more


Junior Journalist: Dylan Hoffer, Delaware Trail Elementary School

On a chilly January 20, 2004, a star was born. His name? Braelon Allen. 18 years later in 2021, a fearsome running back collected over 1,200 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns. This season, he already has over 1,100 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns. To put that in perspective, the Colts running back, Jonathan Taylor, had over 1,000 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns in his first college season. JT was one of the all-time leading rushers in college football, so just think about what this guy (Braelon) could do in a full season. Read more