NBA All-Star 2021 Legacy

Improving the lives of youth across Indiana

In connection with NBA All-Star 2021 in Indianapolis, the NBA All-Star 2021 Host Committee and our partners are providing grants up to $50,000 to 21 different youth-serving organizations across the state. These investments will leave a legacy long after the game is played.

We grow basketball here. And we also help grow our communities.

Grant Application Information

Applications accepted October 8, 2019 through December 31, 2019. Grants will be awarded by the end of January 2020 with an intended goal for completion of projects by February 2021.

Grant Criteria

  • Grant recipients must be a nonprofit youth-serving organization located in Indiana (while schools and public entities are ineligible, affiliated 501c(3) nonprofits ARE eligible i.e. school foundation or parks foundation).
  • Grants must be used for capital "brick-and-mortar" projects in the following areas:
    • Health and Wellness (e.g., indoor/outdoor basketball courts, etc.)
    • Education (e.g., STEM labs, reading centers, etc.)
    • A small percentage can be used for programming associated with the capital project
  • Organizations are encouraged to obtain a match for all or portion of the grant for greater impact.
  • Projects will support the brands of 'We Grow Basketball Here' and 'We Grow Community Here.'
  • The projects must demonstrate sustainability beyond the NBA All-Star 2021 game.
  • Construction must begin in 2020 with an intended goal for completion before February 2021.

Application Process

1. Eligible organizations can create an account through the online community "The Exchange" by filling out the form here. You will need to enter your name, email and Tax ID. Once you have an account, you will set your password. (If you already have an Exchange account, skip to Step 2.)

2. Once your Exchange account is created, follow these simple steps to start the application:

  • Click "Program Search" at the top
  • Click "New Program Registration"
  • Change the drop down to "NBA All-Star Legacy Grant"

3. Complete all sections of the online application.

4. Make sure to submit the application before the December 31, 2019 deadline.

Helpful Reminders:

Remember to save often! Prior to submitting your application, you can come back to the grant anytime to keep working on your application.

The following attachments must be included:

  • Tax ID Form
  • 2018 Financial Documents of the organization
  • Cover letter signed by President or Executive Director

Questions on the Legacy Initiative: Dianna Boyce at or 317-917-3582. Questions on the Exchange system: Molly Wright at or 317-237-5102.