Dakich Cycles for the City to Distribute 36 Bikes to Kids In Need Around Indianapolis

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Indianapolis, IN – Dan and Leigh Dakich worked alongside Indiana Sports Corp in supporting Dakich Cycles for the City, distributing 36 bikes, 36 helmets, and 36 bike locks to children in need throughout Indianapolis. This afternoon, 18 bikes, 18 helmets, and 18 bike locks were given to children in need at Renewal Neighborhood Ministries. An additional 18 bikes, 18 helmets, and 18 bike locks will be distributed at Hawthorne Community Center on Friday, September 18. Dick’s Sporting Goods provided all bikes in support of Dakich Cycles for the City at a 20 percent discount.

Leigh described the origin of the idea that arose to her while she was riding in the car with Dan reminiscing about the freedom a bike gave them during their childhood.

“One day as we were driving, we saw a few kids riding their bikes through the neighborhood, no adults, just the kids out having a great time riding. We started talking about how great those times were in our own childhoods. Having a bike gave us the freedom to explore on our own, learn how to follow rules and be responsible as a bike rider, and was great exercise,” said Leigh. “I also think of all the hours I spent with some of my best friends “fixing” our bikes - which really meant making sure the tires had air and the chain was oiled - again responsibility. With our own bike, we never had to rely on a parent or anyone else to drive us to a friend’s house so sitting home being bored wasn’t really an option.”

“We have a passion for providing bikes to any kids in the Indianapolis area who may not be able to afford to buy their own,” said Leigh. “Every kid needs a bike! Seeing the recipients of these bikes for the past couple of years has only inspired us to give more. The smiles, hugs and high fives have been so rewarding that we feel others would want to help as well.”

“Indiana Sports Corp is excited work alongside Dan and Leigh Dakich to provide bikes to children around

Indianapolis,” said Indiana Sports Corp President Ryan Vaughn. “Creating a positive impact on the city and providing opportunities to the city’s youth are two key parts of Indiana Sports Corp’s mission and Dakich Cycles for the City is a perfect opportunity to expand our reach and impact in those areas.

Last year, Dan and Leigh helped make it possible for 27 Littles from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana to receive brand new bicycles, helmets, and bike locks. In 2020, the goal is to distribute 120 bikes to kids throughout Indianapolis. All donations for Dakich Cycles for the City will continue to go towards the purchase of these items and the fundraiser will run through the end of December. Any organizations interested in helping distribute bicycles or would like more information, please contact Molly Wright (mwright@indianasportscorp.org).


Founded in 1979 as the nation’s first sports commission, Indiana Sports Corp is a not-for-profit organization focused on bringing premier sporting events to Indiana to drive economic vitality, facilitate a vibrant community with civic pride and garner positive media attention. Because of this, Indiana Sports Corp is able to provide positive, sports-related opportunities for youth in the community. For more information, please visit IndianaSportsCorp.org.

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