Indiana Sports Corp Awards 2018 Inspiring Sports Grant Recipients

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INDIANAPOLIS - Twelve youth-serving organizations throughout Indiana have been selected as Inspiring Sports Grant recipients, awarded annually by Indiana Sports Corp. These organizations provide programming opportunities for children in 50 counties throughout Indiana that serve 8,400 youth. 

Inspiring Sports Grants support organizations that provide underserved youth with the opportunity to participate in sports, fitness activities and life-skills programming. The grants are funded by the net proceeds of Indiana Sports Corp’s Inspiring Sports Charity Golf Tournament, contributions by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation and Samerian Foundation.

“Creating opportunities for Indiana youth is at the core of our mission at Indiana Sports Corp,” said Indiana Sports Corp President, Ryan Vaughn. “Our Inspiring Sports Grants provide these 12 youth-serving organizations throughout the state the ability to expand their programs and increase the number of youth they impact.” 

A total of 238 youth-serving organizations have received more than $2.2 million in Inspiring Sports Grants since the start of Inspiring Sports. In 2017 alone, Indiana Sports Corp impacted 95,163 Indiana youth through its Inspiring Sports initiatives.

As part of the organization re-brand one of this year’s recipients is receiving the Susan Williams Grant. This grant recognizes the significant contributions of Susan Williams, who retired as the president of Indiana Sports Corp after more than seven years in the position. Williams made impacting the lives of youth a priority, helping to grow the number of youth influenced by Indiana Sports Corp programming significantly. This year’s recipient is The Eskenazi Health Foundation – Girls on the Run of Marion County Program. The Girls on the Run Marion County program includes 24 structured lessons that combine physical activities with experiential learning activities, including team building, being supportive and learning to listen 

The 31st Annual Inspiring Sports Charity Golf Tournament presented by CNO Financial Group, is scheduled for Monday, June 25, 2018 at the Sagamore Golf Club of Noblesville. Teams will compete in a scramble-style tournament with both morning and afternoon shotgun tee times. Proceeds from the event go to the Inspiring Sports Grant program to help the youth of Indiana get involved in sports and fitness activities. 

For more information about registering for this year’s Inspiring Sports Charity Golf Tournament, contact Craig Lippincott at (317) 237-5034 or Information is also available on the Indiana Sports Corp website at

2018 Inspiring Sports Grant Recipients:

Concord Neighborhood Center – Golf STEMs
Concord Neighborhood Center’s first goal is to teach 20 youth how to golf. Upon the initiative’s completion, these 20 children will be able to play golf and do so independently of organized instruction at Concord. The second goal is to teach the non-athletic skills required to play sports by teaching related STEM competencies. All Concord youth will demonstrate an improved, applicable understanding of STEM concepts and how they apply to real-world situations. The program will teach and leverage golf to introduce children to a new, individual sport and the general science, technology, engineering and math concepts that serve as the foundation for playing any game well.  Members will progress through beginner-level instruction and then progress into proper and independent game play. In order to help all participants understand golf, team members will construct a miniature golf course, taking into consideration things like slope, friction, aerodynamics and how they affect play. Youth will design the course in small groups, and Concord’s staff will use The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math of Golf (STEM News) curricular resource to guide instruction. Consistent and continued use of the miniature golf course will allow all children a sustainable way to keep golf on the activity schedule for years to come.

Damar Services, Inc. – Damar Intramural Sports Program
Damar Services will introduce a new program: Intramural Sports. It will be in addition to their participation in Special Olympics (SO), which has recently become more limited. With an Intramural Sports program, Damar can keep the same level of year-round sports activity through an on-campus program and continue with some Special Olympics participation. By running their own Intramural Sports, Damar will increase the annual consistency of youth participation involved in healthy sports, competitions and measurable individual achievement. Instead of weekend SO tournaments, the program will have official teams, tournaments and awards. Damar will continue to participate in some SO sports. Damar will host a weekday flag football game with other SO teams and go to its state tournament in this sport. Damar will develop a team of ten swim athletes coached by a University of Indianapolis intern doing her occupational therapy fieldwork. 

Eskenazi Health Foundation – Girls on the Run of Marion County*
Girls on the Run Marion County program includes 24 structured lessons that combine physical activities with experiential learning activities, including team building, being supportive and learning to listen. At the end of the 24 lessons, the girls, ages 8 to 13, participate in a 3.1-mile running event as a group. GOTR implemented the curriculum at 23 sites in 2017. The number and location of program sites varies each season with an average of 10 and 13 sites per season. Eight sites have already confirmed participation for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.
* Susan Williams Grant Recipient 

Forever Fit Summer Camp, Children’s Better Health Institute – Forever Fit Camp
Forever Fit Summer Camp (FFSC) is an intensive, six-week day camp program that focuses on long-term behavioral change, not a quick fix. By establishing a positive, electronic-free zone, campers can focus on acquiring tools needed to thrive as active, healthy adults. At FFSC, fitness is a family affair. On Thursday night, all parents enjoy a cooking demo, healthy meal and group discussion. FFSC incorporates activity-based and nutrition education, field trips, group discussion and chores. Nutrition Education is also woven into FFSC program with the goal to model healthy eating behaviors that can be replicated at home and focuses on embracing healthy alternatives. Exercise is a cornerstone of program, with a focus on age-appropriate, low-cost venues that can be replicated at home.

Fight for Life Foundation – Seal the Deal Football Camp
Seal the Deal is a youth flag football camp and tournament operated by Fight for Life Foundation (FFLF). The program, which is targeted to youth in the IPS district, blends character-building and athletic activities to help students “make big plays on and off the field.” The program uses a “cascade” mentoring model in which FFLF staff and volunteers train, mentor and coach high school student-athletes who, in turn, train, mentor and coach middle and elementary school students. The program helps all participants, both campers and counselors, understand how developing good character makes them great competitors, in football and in life. High school student-athletes are (grades 10-12) recruited as camp counselors. As counselors, they receive 12 hours of personal and professional development provided over six weeks by FFLF staff and volunteers. In 2018, FFLF anticipates recruiting and serving between 175-250 IPS elementary and middle school students. There is no fee to participate in Seal the Deal. Seal the Deal camps will be implemented on the Arsenal Tech campus in July 2018.

Girls Scouts of Central Indiana – Water Sports 
Girl Scouts of Central Indiana (GSCI) will expand the watersports programs at its day and resident camps, including: Camp Gallahue in Brown County; Camp Dellwood in Indianapolis; Camp Sycamore Valley in Lafayette; and Camp NaWaKwa near Terre Haute. Program expansion will include the replacement of non-functional water sports equipment and new equipment to enhance water sports programs, providing new and exciting activities for the more than 3,000 girls from throughout the state who attend camp each summer. The enhanced activities will promote strength and balance in girls, builds arm and leg strength and help develop team building activities. The equipment will also help facilitate watersports programs and badges that girls can earn, including: Good Sportsmanship Badge, Brownie WOW Journey, Jump In patch and the Ambassador water badge.  Water programs are some of the most popular activities at camp, but due to old, outdated equipment, the program has been hampered in recent years. 

Girls Inc. of Monroe County – Rock Wall Project 
This program is designed to provide ample time and opportunities for girls to participate in rock climbing activities in after-school programs under the supervision of qualified adult mentors and instructors. Sessions will be 6-9 week programs, approximately four times per year. Summer camps and day camps will also make use of the wall as part of programming. Rock climbing and the development of the skills involved with the sport will allow the girls to become strong, smart and bold; improving self-confidence, self-reliance and physical health. Rock climbing will provide an opportunity for girls to develop muscular strength, precision and coordination. In addition, girls will have the opportunity to develop trusting relationships with adult mentors and other girls engaged in the activity.

Horizons at St. Richard’s Episcopal School – Horizon’s Summer Wellness Program
Horizons Summer Wellness Program offers academic, enrichment and wellness programming to low-income students from Pre-K to 8th grade. Horizons strongly believes in getting youth involved in activities such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, football and watersports to decrease childhood obesity. This program will impact 160 kids from Marion County. Horizons offers summer academic, enrichment and health/wellness programming to low-income students from Pre-K to 8th grade. 

Indianapolis Parks Foundation – Everyone Swims
Swim Indy teaches youth from low-income neighborhoods how to swim for lifelong health and safety. Youth participants at Indy Parks’ six-week summer programs will learn how to swim, to increase their knowledge of water safety and complete different levels of swimming. Participants will include children ages 5-12 who are attending a summer day camp program through Indy Parks or another non-profit youth organization. Indy Parks goal is to serve at least one new partner community group (about 30 to 35 more youth) and provide transportation to and from the program. Everyone Swims was initially created in 2011 to help “at-risk” swimmers learn how to be safe in and around the water. The 2018 program will be offered at one Indy Parks location, Douglass Park. To accommodate all groups at one location, the pool will open early two days a week.

Jackson Center for Conductive Education – Summer Camp Field Trips
The goal of the Jackson Center Summer Camp is for children with significant motor challenges to experience summer activities as other children do. While it is imperative for the children to continue the therapy that is vital to maintaining their overall health, it is also important that they can just be children! The Jackson Center’s objectives are for kids to learn active lifestyles, be given opportunities to utilize the independence skills that are being taught through conductive education and to participate in a variety of activities that they have not previously experienced.

John H. Boner Community Center – EDGE - Excellence, Discovery & Growth through Education
In planning all summer camp activities, whether related to wellness or math, lessons are designed to teach youth listening skills, responsibility, problem-solving strategies, determination, resiliency and respect. With the organized physical activities, staff will deliver “huddles” at the conclusion of each session. “Huddles” are teachable debriefing moments with campers where leaders promote camper discussion about what they have learned from the activity and how they can continue to implement that learning throughout the remainder of summer and beyond. Sportsmanship is a significant part of EDGE Summer Programs as well. Several activities will be team-oriented, encourage communication and cooperation toward achieving a common goal. Youth will also be introduced to new experiences, allowing for the development of self-confidence and trust. Overall, the activities at EDGE will introduce youth to many different ways to be physically active and have fun at the same time. Youth will also be able to learn healthy eating tips and recipes, as well as, the positive effect healthy living has on one’s body now, and in the future. 

Joseph Maley Foundation (JMF) – Joseph Maley Fitness
Joseph Maley Fitness utilizes adapted sports activities to nurture a strong sense of self-esteem in children with disabilities. Children with disabilities may face a variety of challenges to participating in organized athletic activities. JMF strives to offer excellent activities that are open to all siblings to attend. A family need not go to one session of running for their son with a disability and a different program for their daughter who does not have a disability. In 2017, JMFitness served 423 individuals with support from 378 volunteer mentors. This year, JMF will expand the program to encompass adaptive rowing and a week-long day camp to expose athletes to a variety of athletic activities they may otherwise be denied. Sports and activities include basketball, cheerleading, day camp, football, lacrosse, football, rowing, soccer, swimming, yoga and family events. 


Founded in 1979 as the nation’s first sports commission, Indiana Sports Corp is a not-for-profit organization focused on bringing premier sporting events to Indiana to drive economic vitality, facilitate a vibrant community with civic pride and garner positive media attention. Because of this, Indiana Sports Corp is able to provide positive, sports-related opportunities 

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