Indiana Sports Corp Awards Inspiring Sports Grant Recipients

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INDIANAPOLIS - Seven youth-serving organizations throughout Indiana have been selected as 2021 Inspiring Sports Grant recipients, awarded by Indiana Sports Corp. These organizations provide programming opportunities for children throughout Indiana that serve more than 4,000 youth.

Inspiring Sports Grants support organizations that provide underserved youth with the opportunity to participate in sports, fitness activities, and life-skills programming. The grants are funded by the net proceeds of Indiana Sports Corp’s The Shop Collection fundraiser, contributions by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation, the Samerian Foundation, AT&T, and Group1001. A total of 257 different youth-serving organizations have received more than $2.4 million in Inspiring Sports Grants since the start of Inspiring Sports.

“Creating opportunities for Indiana youth is at the core of our mission at Indiana Sports Corp,” said Indiana Sports Corp President, Ryan Vaughn. “Our Inspiring Sports Grants provide these seven youth-serving organizations throughout the state the ability to expand their programs and increase the number of youth they impact.”

In 2020 alone, Indiana Sports Corp impacted more than 75,000 Indiana youth through its Inspiring Sports initiatives. Through the Inspiring Sports Gear Distribution alone, more than 50,000 youth reaped benefits from organizations receiving new sporting equipment.

If you are interested in information on future grants, or want to obtain more information regarding the Inspiring Sports Grant Program, please contact Molly Wright at or (317) 237-5102.

Inspiring Sports Grant Recipients:

Nine13Sports– ExploreIndy Ride Expansion
The Inspiring Sports Grant with Group1001 will support ExploreIndy Rides, a bike infrastructure in downtown Indianapolis that allows participants to see the city on two wheels. ExploreIndy rides allow Nine13Sports to demonstrate how to properly use different types of bicycle infrastructure and how to interact with pedestrians and motorists encountered along the way. The routes for these excursions vary in length as Nine13Sports works to customize them to the needs of each group. Routes are always casually paced and guided by staff. These rides are typically comprised of students in 6th-12th grade and often include other family members, teachers, or community center leaders. The ExploreIndy Ride expansion will allow participants to explore wider areas of Indianapolis and introduce those to the city’s untold stories, history of our most iconic landmarks, pieces of public art, and neighborhoods.

Play Ball Indiana – Indy RBI Baseball and Softball
The Inspiring Sports Grant with the support of Group1001 will be used to expand Play Ball Indiana’s softball program. Indy RBI Baseball and Softball will use funds to create unique funding opportunities for softball, build mentoring relationships between coaches and players, and develop an internship program to pair college students with teams and players. Play Ball Indiana is looking to double girls' softball participation in three years, expanding their community impact to 1,500 youth players by proving a safe environment to learn softball. In addition to teaching players lifelong character skills such as sportsmanship, encourage positive interaction with teammates and foes alike, and respect for umpires and law enforcement officials.

Youth Opportunity Center, Inc. – Weight Room Renovation for Vulnerable Youth
The Inspiring Sports Grant with The Anthem Foundation will support the Youth Opportunity Center, Inc in their Weight Room Renovation for Vulnerable Youth. The weightlifting club will help kids learn the importance of physical and mental health through exercise. This renovation will provide at-risk youth a safe place to express themselves in a constructive manner. In addition to teaching children positive coping skills, self-discipline, responsibility, and hard work.

Riviera Club Foundation– Rivi and Joseph Maley Foundation Learn-to-Swim Programs
The Riviera Club Foundation will use its Inspiring Sports Grant to implement the Rivi Learn-to-Swim program. Rivi Learn-to-Swim will provide swim lessons, clinics, and water safety education to children in high risk for drowning. The Joseph Maley Foundation are helping 10 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder receive eight private, 30-minute swim lessons. In addition, 85 children from the Glick Neighborhood Center will receive eight, 30-minute lessons, swimsuits, goggles, swim caps, and t-shirts.

Damar Services – Adaptive Climbing Wall for Ninja Warrior Parcourse
The Inspiring Sports Grant will support Damar Services in providing an Adaptive Climbing Wall for the Ninja Warrior Parcourse; an indoor fitness challenge for youth with cognitive disabilities. The parcourse is designed to meet clients varied sensory, motor, and learning needs through clinical & fitness observations, and measurements. The Damar Services staff will target reduction in client aggressive behaviors through positive reinforcement during activities. Clinical reports will look for positive changes in behavior, sensory adjustment, learning retention, problem-solving, enhanced reasoning/decision-making skills, and stress reduction. The Adaptive Climbing Wall will create a space for youth to develop their overall physical, mental, social-emotional, and sensory needs.

Girl Scout of Central Indiana– Camp Dellwood Bike Track
Girl Scouts of Central Indiana with support of AT&T will use its Inspiring Sports Grant to create a bike track at Camp Dellwood. The proposed bike track will promote the health and wellness of central Indiana girls by providing an additional outlet for them to engage in physical activity, play, and fun while at Camp Dellwood. This bike track will consist of tracks, ramps, and rollers, offering an “extreme sport” for girls that helps build confidence. In addition, the bike track will also integrate with Camp Dellwood’s Math and Science Center, providing girls with the opportunity to engage in science experiences and other STEM activities related to biking.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes – IPS Three-Dimensional Leadership Camp & Training
The Inspiring Sports Grant will support The Fellowship of Christian Athletes' IPS Three-Dimensional Leadership Camp and Training. This Leadership Camp will mentor and train high school student-athletes in the IPS Athletic Conference by focusing on physical training and the three dimensions of becoming a well-rounded athlete. The objectives are to build strength, power, speed, quickness, technique & repetition in the first (physical) dimension; to build motivation, confidence, team cohesion & goal setting in the second (mental) dimension; and to define identity, character, significance, self-worth, values & purpose in the third (heart) dimension. By building trust with these student-athletes, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes will lay the groundwork for continued training and mentorship.


About Indiana Sports Corp
Founded in 1979 as the nation’s first sports commission, Indiana Sports Corp is a not-for-profit organization focused on bringing premier sporting events to Indiana to drive economic vitality, facilitate a vibrant community with civic pride and garner positive media attention. Because of this, Indiana Sports Corp is able to provide positive, sports-related opportunities for youth in the community. For more information, please visit

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