Not Your Average Company Outing

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The average American spends more than 1/3 of their lifetime at work, which equals out to approximately 90,000 hours. More than ever, employees are trying to maximize their time away from the office with friends and family while employers are constantly evolving the workplace to promote team comradery and a positive work environment. It’s often difficult to efficiently get to know coworkers and provide opportunities for team bonding in the hustle and bustle of a typical workday.

Since 2005, Indiana Sports Corp has hosted its annual Corporate Challenge event that is designed to bring companies together from Central Indiana to compete in the ultimate adult field day experience. The event was created to give companies an avenue to promote team comradery, friendly competition, networking opportunities and healthy lifestyles.

“We enjoy competing for the competition and health aspect,” said Ryne Rayburn, Allegion team captain. “When I started, we created excitement by wanting to beat a cross-town industry rival.  Since 2011-2012, the rival stopped participating.  We shifted our excitement to staying healthy, meeting new co-workers, and having fun in friendly competition.”

The event falls over the course of three days but it’s really just a one-day commitment that even the family can enjoy. Not only will employees have the chance to bond over a game of cornhole or compete alongside one another in tug-of-war, their families can also bond in the Family Fun Zone or during the 5K Fitness Walk. It’s an event that everyone can enjoy, and the benefits of competing are endless.

 “Associates get to meet fellow associates they don’t work with every day, so new business relationships are formed that helps the company be stronger from the ground up,” said Natalee Fuller of OneAmerica. “Try it and your associates will be grateful you are investing in them.”

Relationships are the foundation of successful workplaces and the Indiana Sports Corp Corporate Challenge is an optimal setting for those to foster and grow in a fun and relaxed environment. It’s not your average company outing and goes well beyond PowerPoint presentations and sitting at a desk all day. It’s competitive, it’s social and it’s a place where employees for one day can all be on the same playing field. 

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