Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

Purpose of a Local Organizing Committee

Since 1979, Indiana Sports Corp and the city of Indianapolis have hosted more than 500 world-class sporting events. For our team, it goes well beyond the game, tournament, or championship. It’s about utilizing sporting events as a platform to inspire, create impact, and enact change within our community.

These events and the long-lasting impact they provide to our community would not be possible without the support of our Local Organizing Committees (LOC). They are the secret ingredient and crucial element to what makes sporting events here in Indy successful and uniquely special. 

A Local Organizing Committee is assembled to focus on the Indiana Sports Corp vision – to inspire and advance our community through sports. Indiana Sports Corp is committed to convening Local Organizing Committees that are comprehensive, diverse, and representative of our community. LOCs are composed of proven and influential leaders as well as emerging leaders from different industries, cultures, and backgrounds. This diversity brings different perspectives, creative ideas, positive collaboration, and knowledgeable expertise to one table allowing us to keep the community’s needs a top priority. The selection of these individuals is a highly competitive process.

Is an LOC right for you?

  • Are you a fan of Indy and Indiana communities?
    • We are looking for people that love Indy, Indiana, and want to help in the growth and development of our community.
  • Are you wanting to be part of a team?
    • Being on an LOC is a great way to get connected and develop new professional and personal relationships.
  •  Are you ready to tackle new challenges?
    • New ideas, innovation, and creative thinking is exactly what we are looking for in our committee members and how you can help take Indy to the next level as a sports city.

Benefits of being an LOC Member

  • Develop as a professional
  • Opportunity to take on a leadership role
  • Develop mentor/mentee relationships
  • Expand your network and build your personal brand
  • Be part of the team hosting world-class sporting events
  • Make an impact in the community
  • Represent the city of Indianapolis

Expectations of an LOC Member

  • Be an advocate for your assigned event and the Indiana Sports Corp mission through sharing opportunities within personal and professional networks.
  • Be present at all committee and subcommittee meetings. Meetings are scheduled in advance to ensure they are well-attended. Meetings may be held in-person, virtual, or hybrid.
  • Be an active participant in committee and subcommittee meetings through completing assigned tasks, engaging in conversations and planning, and being a strong contributor to the team.
  • Be a member of Indiana Sports Corp. To learn more about our membership program, go to this page for more information.

Committees we are currently recruiting for:

  • 2026 NCAA Men’s Final Four 

Committee Roles

Here are some examples of roles that could be associated with one of our upcoming events.

  • Game Operations – Team Operations, Band and Cheer Operations, Media Operations, Game Production, Fan Engagement, Athlete/Team Experience
  • Event Operations – Transportation, Parking Logistics, Sustainability, Volunteer Operations
  • Marketing & Sales – Regional, Statewide, or Grassroots Marketing, VIP Ticket Package Sales, Premium Sales, Sponsorship, Donor Relations
  • Communications & PR – Public Relations, Communications, Social Media
  • Impact – Youth Impact, Community Impact, Statewide Initiatives, Legacy Projects
  • Indy Experience – Visitor Experience, Fan Events, Community Events & Initiatives, City Beautification

Interested in applying?