Tickets/Event Programs

Ticket Programs

Indiana Sports Corp provides tickets to many of its events to youth-serving organizations. These organizations are able to provide young people the opportunity to witness first-hand these sporting events that most would be unable to attend without this program. If your company would like to donate your tickets to a youth organization, contact Molly Wright at 317-237-5102. 

Event Programs

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Big Ten Football Championship Game

Big Ten Football Traveling Banner Program

Register your group on The Exchange for an opportunity to win Big Ten Football Championship Game tickets! Open to groups with kids in grades 3 - 8. We will send/deliver you a 5 x 5 blank banner and markers to decorate according to the theme (Big Life). Banners are due back to Indiana Sports Corp by November 10th (you are responsible for mailing or delivering to our office). Please only register if you will complete the banner. All participants will receive Fan Fest tickets and banners will be displayed inside the Convention Center downtown Indianapolis. Winners will receive tickets (30, to be used by students that helped with the banner and chaperones) to the Championship Game along with an opportunity to go on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium before the game. If you have questions, contact contact Molly Wright at 317-237-5102.

Big Ten Football Officials Clinic

Do you know someone age 14 and older that likes football? Indiana Sports Corp and the Big Ten Conference are hosting a youth football officials clinic to teach participants how to become an official for youth football. Participants will review the rulebook in a classroom setting and be paired up with a collegiate official to practice as a youth football official for a flag football game. In addition, our team will introduce all participants to youth football leagues in need of hiring officials.


Big Ten Football Education Teacher Rewards Program

Opens August 5 and closes October 25 - application.

As part of its mission, Indiana Sports Corp, Big Ten Conference and the College Football Playoff Foundation want to honor and support innovative teaching and learning. 

The Big Ten, with help from Indiana Sports Corp, will select 15 teachers, with the goal of recognizing 15 different schools in the state of Indiana. Each of the teachers (kindergarten through eighth grade) will be awarded a grant to assist them with educational projects. The 15 teachers will attend and be recognized at the Big Ten Football Championship Game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Big Ten Junior Journalism Program

Application closes Friday, September 27 - application

This program is for girls and boys in 5th through 8th grade aspiring to learn more or have a future career in journalism. The Big Ten Football Championship Game Local Organizing Committee will select 14 students to participate after reviewing applications. The program consists of two parts: writing an article about the student’s assigned Big Ten football team and attending a workshop the Friday prior to the Big Ten Football Championship Game. More info

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