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About The Exchange

The Exchange, powered by Indiana Sports Corp and Group1001, is built to connect under-resourced youth-serving organizations with supporting companies and individuals to provide equipment, facilities, funding, resources and volunteers. 

As part of Indiana Sports Corp’s strategic plan, as a not-for-profit company and the country’s leading sports commission, we have worked with several partners to create the Inspiring Sports Exchange. 

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For the Future

Sports play a critical role in the health of Indiana’s youth. From physical fitness, to teamwork and leadership skills; sports matter.

For Resources

The existing needs can be met. Supporters contributing facilities, sports equipment, funding, volunteers and resources can make a major impact.

For Community

Supporting the future of young Hoosiers helps develop the community leaders of tomorrow; and a better community benefits us all.

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Get connected to youth-serving organizations with Indiana companies and individuals who have sports equipment, volunteer hours, facilities, and other resources to donate.

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